Starter kits for super heros

It was Miss L’s friend’s birthday and he loves Super Heroes. His present was going to have to be something along hero lines, but reading PopCo reignited my mistrust of plastic toy tack. Especially as those things we bought for Miss L’s birthday, which were inspired by her seeing adverts on TV, were abandoned after the first play in favour of the more traditional old favourites we had selected for her, like a doctor’s kit and play dough set. So, determined not to get sucked in again, I googled super hero pre school and I found some excellent stuff.
First though I discovered some nurseries actually ban superhero play, because it is so physical and noisy. Then I read about some who positively channel it, there were some great examples, like making Ben 10 watches and an alien display. Seeing as Miss L and her friends tell me on a daily basis they are not Miss L or Mr A but a superhero, I guess their pre school embraces all things superhero. When I asked at pre school they did indeed show me a very impressive Ben 10 junk model. So I realised I also needed to choose an ‘appropriate’ super hero gift. That’s when I stumbled on the Super Hero ABC by Bob McLeod.
Last time Miss L and her friends were at the soft play centre we were shocked to discover they were mooching about, asking to go home and squabbling. My friend realised they just needed a creative injection and sent them off lookout for ‘the giant’s keys’. Suddenly they were rejuvenated. The Superhero ABC stuck me as ideal shot of inspiration, at age four they want to
be superhero but don’t fully understand what that means. The ABC has a superhero for each letter along with words, actions and kit for that letter. So they learn exciting new words, get positive play ideas and learn their ABC. Plus there are male and female heroes and they are
appropriate for their age. No guns, weapons, dark situations or graphic violence. These heros rescue people with goo, laughter, rain. I loved night man who is ‘never nervous of night noises’. Because we all know superheros represent the good side of life and fight some dark forces, but four year olds aren’t quite ready to hear all about the dark side.
We also bought the Super Hero Starter Kit by Klutz. The red cape went down a treat with Miss L’s friend, apparently he even went to bed in it. It comes with different masks and stickers to create your own hero. I think there is a place for character suits emulating TV/film superheros, but making your own super hero, now that is much more creative. Dressing up when I was little we never had these suits, we made up our creations. I did this recently with Miss L and her friend and they were so much more involved than when they put on pre made costumes.
Excuse me disaster calls, better go, find a phone box to change into, put my pants over my leggings. Today Michael I am supermum (ha ha!)
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