Kackel Dackel has arrived!

I blogged last month about Kackel Dackel, the game that involves the dog that poos.  It turns out my lovely brother bought it for Miss L for Christmas.   For some reason you can’t get it in the UK, so he had to order it from Dutch Amazon (maybe the Brits are too prudish?)

Basically you feed Kackel Dacekl a ball of playdough, take it in turns to roll the dice to see how many times to pump the lead, and if you are really lucky he poos and you collect it in your shovel.  The winner is the first to collect three poos on their shovel.

It had the whole family in stitches.  This is when we had calmed down a bit, but at least you get to hear the glorious sound effects.

Sorry to lower the tone.  It’s so wrong, but I can’t tell you how much I needed a laugh like this.

10 thoughts on “Kackel Dackel has arrived!

  1. That is right up my street LOL! My Mum would love this game. Actually, we found a play doh dog and wondered if the play doh would come out it's bum. Hehehe, great pressie!

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