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It’s taken me ages to work it out, I’ve tried living on the seafront in Brighton, on the flat in Hull and Nottingham, in the smoke in Streatham, but the only landscapes that make me truly happy are hilly ones.

This is Cheshire, on the edge of the Peak District where I grew up.  It’s the hill my mum scattered her mum’s ashes on, and where we scattered hers.  Despite the connection to my family, I still don’t think I have ever found a landscape that feels so much like home.  Forests, cities, seasides, they’re great, but they make me feel like a tourist.  Suburbia makes me feel stifled.  A hill though, it makes me feel on top of the world, I can see for miles, literally and metaphorically, even when it’s foggy and the sun is setting.

What about you?  What landscapes make you feel at home?  The theme at The Gallery is landscapes this week.

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  1. You are so right, we all have our favourite landscapes. I’m happiest by the sea without doubt – preferably a bleak north sea and shingle beach. It’s the landscape I grew up with and nothing makes me feel more secure and content than the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Which just begs the question why do I live inland?!

  2. the Welsh mountains, I used to say they were too far from a decent Marks and Spencers to really be home but then they opened a mega Marks in Bangor – so really I should just learnt Welsh and move! lovely post Penny – is that a place to settle then?
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  3. As a Cheshire lass myself, I can truly appreciate the beauty of the Cheshire countryside – I have posted a walk movie I made in the Cheshire village I lived in before moving out to LA…..I miss the green so much!

    Lou :-)

  4. So moving…you made me well up! I am so pleased that your Mum and Nan are at rest at place where you could all see and think clearly. It now must be a great place to visit and a chance to feel close. As Dorothy says ‘There is no place like home!’ x

  5. hello :)
    i have never visited the Peak District but i would like to as I can well imagine how breathtaking the views and scenery are. its a very special and poignant place for you and no wonder you like going there so much. will you be having your ashes scattered there too ? (i hope thats not too much of weird thing to ask you, and that i haven’t offended you ) lovely post xx

  6. I love the Peak District too. I used to go there a lot on the train when I was a teenager living in Marple. One of the nice things about living in Nottingham is that I’m still not far from the Peak District, although I approach it from a different angle.
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  7. Ooh it’s been a while since I visited here!

    Lovely post. I love hearing about what means home to different people – hills, for me, are lovely but I couldn’t think of anything further from home if I tried! I grew up where it was really flat (horizons were just a straight line) and pretty sparse really. I loved it. There is nothing like those muted greens and browns, and when there was no rain, just black dirt. But beautiful.

    I wonder what our kids will be saying when they’re our age? x

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