If like me, you only iron and sew in emergencies, then you might just love Stamptastic as much as I do. When my daughter started school back in September I couldn’t believe the effort involved in sewing and ironing in name labels.

People I knew were putting evenings aside to do it – WHOLE EVENINGS! – a little bit of me died at that thought.  That wasn’t what I signed up to as a mother.  I felt vaguely guilty at the thought of my mum diligently sewing labels in mine, but it was soon forgotten when I reasoned back then there weren’t so many options.

So now you either think me mad for this emotional and guilt wrenched interior monologue about naming my children’s clothes, or you’re nodding along and saying Yep that’s what motherhood does to you.

There has to be something simpler?  There is.  Line up everything that needs naming, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, and stamptastic your child’s name on everything in one five minute swoop.  Job done.

Our name stamps on uniform have been through lots of washes successfully. Stamptastic is particularly brilliant for getting into tight spaces like my 3yo’s shoes or the labels in gloves. The only thing it hasn’t worked so well on is plastic water bottles, but only because the boy who stands next to my daughter in the line is obsessed with trying to scratch it off. But I stamped it again and he’s realising he’s fighting a losing battle, so now he’s asking his mum for a Stamptastic too. Now my daughter can recognise her name it’s really helpful to have her name neatly stamped, rather than scrawled in permanent marker, so she can find her own kit quickly. Kids love them.

Stamptastic was invented by three mothers with 8 children under the age of 9, who wanted a one stop solution to naming anything from rulers to swimming hats. The pricing structure has clever mum stamped all over it too, in that it doesn’t penalise big families.

1 Stamp £16.99 2 Stamps £25.00  3 Stamps £32.50 4 Stamps £39.50  5th Stamp FREE

Disclosure  - I was given a set of 2 Stamptastics to review.

11 thoughts on “Stamptastic

  1. Please don’t poo-poo ironing. As a retired male with a younger wife working as a ICU nurse, I iron her uniforms and other garments. I do get a certain thrill up and down my spine doing so, especially when it takes a whole evening. But please don’t tell anybody that I do this kind of thing – it could break down my otherwise manly image. Concerning stamping the stuff, sorry to say, but we did that when the kids were small (very small); we even stamped their foreheads, just in case of any confusion. You might (read: you probably should) check out my blog: Life as it Really is.
    URL: Found you through JoJo… Cheers, Peter

      • “Temptation” can be pursuaded by a bottle of wine and a dash of “why not..). Been there done that…While nobody was watching. So don’t let that hold you back.

        • Hi Peter,
          I am so pleased that you get a thrill up and down your spine from ironing. We would hate to deprive you of that joy! Perhaps we could send our ironing over to you to allow us to spend more time on our fledgling business!
          Do give our stamp sets a chance though, you never know how much they might excite you ;-)
          Francesca :)

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