Foo fighting and BIB voting

I’m so blooming honoured to have been shortlisted for the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging video award. Coming out of a cold, dark winter it feels like the first green shoots of Spring.  So it felt appropriate to finally get this vid up.  I used to teach kids how to make Pop Videos for A level Media Studies. Pop video theory claims that the images and editing either illustrate, amplify or cause a disjuncture with the lyrics.

This wasn’t intended to be a pop video, in that it’s unplanned, unstoryboarded, shakey and short on some shots and techniques. But as I started playing with the shots, I realised our tale of a child free day seeing the Foo Fighters, amplified the lyrics… Homemade, but not quite home video…

It’s naughty to use music in video, but given I am promoting the amazing musical experience that is the Foo Fighters, I hope they may turn a blind eye…

And if you would consider voting for me click on the badge. Thank you. Feels like I am coming out of hibernation.

Video Shortlist

12 thoughts on “Foo fighting and BIB voting

  1. Oh I love your tale of a child free day and well done on a much deserved nomination. You are my mads blog of the year vote too. You have shown depth warmth compassion and healing thorugh your little legacies and really helped others get in touch with thier loss and their love too. You deserve these sunny days.

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