Britmums Live Butterflies?

Blogging conferences, for those who don’t blog, or who haven’t had the pleasure,  are ever so slightly nerve racking.  Suddenly that world in your computer is real and 3 dimensional. You meet people for the first time whilst knowing their life history, but you’re unable to remember their first name. It’s a chance to promote your blog yet if anyone asks you what it’s about or why you started it, you pause like a rabbit in the headlights and say something like ‘Goodness me is that the time?’

If you have even the slightest flutter of Britmums Live Butterflies, don’t fear.  Something rather lovely is planning its first solo flight at Britmums Live this Summer, look!

More on the butterfly project here

Edited by me.

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11 thoughts on “Britmums Live Butterflies?

  1. This is such a good idea – especially the video to introduce yourselves! I am ‘going solo’ to Britmums Live and am already feeling a bit jittery….can’t wait, but don’t know anyone. See you at the cake (and did someone mention wine later…?)
    Sarah Miles recently posted…May MorningMy Profile

  2. Ha ha, you have the same kids clock as me that I photographed for my Time Management guest post! It’s so cool that you lot are doing this. I remember sitting with Gemma last year discussing how overwhelming it was, and how people had tweeted they were hiding in the toilets. We said someone should set up a station in there handing out tissues and comforting words! I’d like to see a poll set up, what percentage of BritMums were crying/hiding in the toilets last year? :-)
    By the way, to anyone new to blogging it was not all newbies that felt so overwhelmed, there were some ‘big name’ bloggers who were hiding in the toilets!
    Narrowboat Wife recently posted…20 Minutes to Change Your LifeMy Profile

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