Young British Artists The Very Hungry G-aterpillar

I have a slight obsession with trying to predict what my kids will be when they grow up.  I posted a while back about giving up on the idea of organised gymnastics class with Mr G on a Monday morning.  I thought he’d love it, he’s really agile, we call him mountain goat. But it turns out he’s more into toddler parkour than toddler sit-and-wait-nicely ’til the strange lady helps you swing from the hoops. So while all his friends go to gym class, Monday has become our day to just potter, play and parkour.

He’s never really liked rules….but I think that’s finally coming into it’s own.  I think he has a future in the movement they call the YBAs (Young British Artists).  A couple of weeks back I left him in the kitchen and came back to find he’d emptied the cupboards to create this work of art smiling back at me.

A few months back it was all about making it snow inside with a bag of flour.

He’s also been creating a giant spider web with a ball of wool and has been caught wrapping the house from top to bottom in toilet roll.

Artist at work.  Do not disturb.

14 thoughts on “Young British Artists The Very Hungry G-aterpillar

  1. Brilliant, definitely an artist in the making! That caterpillar is so clever, how old is he again? I think I have a budding song writer at my house, she is forever singing made up songs with the most imaginative/ridiculous lyrics and tunes – love it!
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