Queen of Soreen

I’ve got a bit of a name for myself, but I quite like it.  Queen of Soreen. The Soreen bag, the Soreen badge, the Soreen lunchbox, the Soreen mug, the Soreen lunchbox loaves and money off vouchers.  My husband and friends might tease, but they’ve also been pestering me for samples, declaring their love of Soreen on my facebook wall and direct messaging me on Twitter asking how you become a Soreen tester.

We took around 20 lunchbox loaves to the park last week, in a rare moment of sunshine. These are mini loaves, pre packaged, in banana or fruit flavour. So like a lunch box size mini malt loaf or banana bread.  They were all polished off in seconds.  Do you like them I asked? ‘Nom, nom, nom,’ came the reply. Out of the 50 or so loaves I gave out, only one child and two adults weren’t so keen. I thought Soreen was more like Marmite, either love or hate it, so I think this represents pretty good feedback.

The great things we came up with about the loaves were: they are very light, packaged ready to go, under 100 calories, low fat, perfect size for lunch boxes, freezable, great for quick energy, great for athletes/cyclists, great for busy kids.  I’ve also suggested them as a good snack for mums to be and new mums, over at Lazy daisy antenatal site this week.

My only complaint is they are so moreish.  But that’s where the freezer comes in.  You can take JUST one out, pop it in a lunch box or bag and it keeps everything cool, but defrosts by lunchtime.

So my time as Queen of Soreen must draw to a close, it’s been a great reign.  Let them eat cake! If you’re a Soreen lover, do go and show the Soreen facebook page some love. Don’t forget the scooter competition. The good people at MumPanel have a fab Scooter competition you can enter to win a limited edition Red Union Jack Maxi Micro Scooter worth £105.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic Scooter with Soreen Lunchbox loaves, just click on Mum Panel and answer a quick question.

Disclosure - I choose to blog about brands that are meaningful to my family. I am paid to express my honest opinion about Soreen. I received free samples.

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