National Vegetarian Week Recipe Linky

Hand’s off!  That’s my veggie breakfast. It’s national vegetarian week and also my birthday. So what better present to me than to give some veggie meals a whirl this week? This year NVW is all about celebrating breakfast.  I do love a veggie breakfast with eggs, mushrooms, beans, toast, tomatoes, hash browns and veggie sausages, preferably Cauldron ones. I’m always a little sad when places don’t offer a decent veggie fry up breakfast option, although sausages are only a small part of the overall experience for me.

Regardless of what time of day you’ve been eating veggie, if you’ve got a veggie recipe in your archives, or a favourite you’ve been meaning to share, then why not share a great veggie recipe this week? I have added a couple in the linky below.

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  1. Being National Vegetarian Week, we’ve already posted a couple of lunch ideas so do hop over and check us out or even like us! We’re also popping up Jubilee recipes too for all of you planning a street party or just a little garden party soon x

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