Exxopolis Launch

I have just returned from the world preview of Architects of Air’s Exxopolis, an amazing inflatable sculpture which, along with 13 other parent bloggers, I helped to create two windows for. The windows looked absolutely, awesomely beautiful. It was really good to meet up with the other bloggers involved again and alongside the other community groups involved, we shared a real sense of achievement. We might have also breathed a sigh of relief that the structure didn’t leak or deflate, given how much angst the construction caused the group.

Exxopolis has it’s world preview at Lakeside Arts Centre, Highfields Park Nottingham until next Sunday. If you are local go see it, it’s mind blowing. Combine it with some AMAZING children’s theatre on at Lakeside for the Jump In and Wheee! festivals over half term.

Check out Amanda at The Ana Mum Diary’s lovely luminarium pictures here.

After that, Exxopolis is touring the world, with our windows inside!

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