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Nottingham had some very exciting visitors yesterday, me and HelloitsGemma popped in to shop at TK Maxx. TK Maxx kindly offered to sponsor us an outfit for the Brilliance in Blogging awards and Britmums Live Conference.

This unfortunately detracted from some other visitors. Yes these two also visited Nottingham today and lucky Gemma saw the Queen’s hat.

What do you mean I missed them? I came all this way to see Penny and Gemma!

While the Royals were busy doing royal stuff, the shops were very quiet, which was fab for us as we were busy doing shopping stuff.

It really doesn’t matter of course what you wear to a blogging conference, you will see it all, from tiaras to posh frocks to jeans and T shirts. Last year I saw people tweeting about their outfits, panicked and wore something I didn’t feel at home in.  So at Cybher I wore my favourite jeans and stripy top.  I felt at home. You just want to be comfy and feel yourself.

So, TK Maxx, it’s ace, its like a high class jumble sale, full of designer clothes at bargain prices. Loads of really unusual, well-made pieces at the £10-20 mark.

Our shop reminded me of wedding dress shopping, I picked up a heap of floaty dresses to indulge my inner dressing- up-mad-child, before realising I had lost all sense of what actually suits ME. In a wedding dress shop this is the point where the clever assistant points out the dress that you’ve completely overlooked, which turns out to be the one.

So I pulled out two dresses I had completely overlooked and my second trip to the dressing room was much more successful. Simple, clean lines, a quirky Owl-like pattern, sleeves, respectable neckline, very comfy and covers a multitude of sins. Most importantly I feel like ME in it.

And that I think, is the secret of what to wear isn’t it? Be YOU.

Disclosure – Outfit sponsored by TK Maxx. Thank you :)

14 thoughts on “What to wear

  1. Love the owl dress – beautiful!! Lucky you being sponsored by TK Maxx, I always want something when I pop in. I think I’m all Zen and not at all materialistic, then I go into one and I’m reminded that I’m not.
    See you soon, so excited! x

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