What toy would you buy your inner child?

Is there a toy you never had as a kid that you’re tempted to buy yourself as an adult? I posted ages ago about the Sindy house that never happened (excuse the formatting if you do click, it’s an old blogger post that needs tidying up). That post is one of my most searched upon, so I guess I am not alone in hankering after a bit of eighties’ toy nostalgia.

I wouldn’t go as far as buying it now, although if my daughter asks for one I might seek one out on eBay, although they are probably referred to as ‘vintage’ and traded as collector’s items. My husband however, has always indulged his inner child more freely. When he was 26 he bought himself a Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon.  He doesn’t even have the excuse that he was buying it for the kids, because back then we didn’t have any.

Assembling the Millennium Falcon, aged 26

I sneered, but it brought him lots of joy. I was probably annoyed he didn’t want to spend it with me. Instead he spent his 26th birthday with all the pieces of the Millennium Falcon spread out over the living room floor of our flat in Brighton, engrossed in the joy of Lego, before we headed out on a pub crawl.   Ah the joys of filling the days B.C (before children).

Last month Mr G found the Millennium Falcon hiding lost, lonely and long-forgotten under our bed, no joke, his eyes were as big and as round as Death Stars.  So Mr A dusted it off and let him have a play. Lego really is timeless. Since then they’ve bought a couple of new bits and pieces, like the Battle of the Naboo and some green, three-legged space ship thing.

I watched father and son totally engrossed in Lego Star Wars, and it made me remember the Brighton days, and it made me feel proud of how far we’ve come in the last ten years. You know, becoming grown ups.  In the words of fellow Brightonian Fatboy Slim, ‘We’ve come a long, long way together’.

Okay, so maybe just one little look at the prices of Sindy houses on eBay….what toy would you indulge your inner child with?

5 thoughts on “What toy would you buy your inner child?

  1. An enourmaous dolls house like the ones in Windsor Castle that belonged to Queen Victoria (I might be making that up but I seem to remember them). The old fashioned type with real wooden furniture and wallpaper on the walls. It may be because I never got house big enough to satisfy my home designing passion or maybe it’s that I just want top play God over a doll family.
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  2. Aww yes, I wanted the Sindy House. Your Dad was probably right, it was a piece of plastic. We couldn’t afford one so my step dad built me a simple wooden one and my mum painted a door and windows on it. I was disapointed that the door didn’t open. I look back now and think how lovely that they made my dream come true by actually makihg a Sindy house.
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