How to measure bra size: Panache vs 3 year old

The lingerie from Panache speaks for itself. All the sets are gorgeous. The images above are from the Superbra (D-KK) and Cleo (D-J cup) ranges. I love the bright colours of the Superbra range and the sweet-inspired patterns of the Clio range.

I was immediately drawn to the Clio range, (modelled by the blonder model with the headband above), maybe because the photoshoot was themed on sweets, or because the range is subtitled ’treat your curves’

The Panache website has some great tips on how to measure bra size including a bra fit guide illustrated with images of good and bad fits. There’s a list of problems caused by the wrong bra that makes me want to throw all my old bras out now.

While I am talking about bras, I should tell you about the conversation with my 3 year old in the swimming pool changing room last week, and a less scientific approach to how to measure bra size.

‘Why do they live on you?’ he said, prodding my bust.

Long and lengthy explanation of how girls and boys bodies are different, punctuated by lots of ‘whys’.

‘Why do you wear that?’ he asked next, prodding my bra.

Long explanation of comfort and privacy factors, punctuated by lots of ‘but whys’.

‘But I can still see them, they’re poking out,’ he giggled, prodding my cleavage, ‘you need a bigger one’.

You can track down your nearest Panache stockist here.

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