Have no fear the shreddies are here

I have found something so amazing I can’t stop going on about it. Last week I saw a tweet by @fivegoblogging, read her post and bought the 30 Day Shred exercise video there and then on Amazon for £5. Advertisers take note, blog conversion rates can be amazing.

On Monday I started on earnest. It’s 20 mins of personal training done every day for 30 days. Bite sized chunk of proper exercise. So doable. 3 levels so you up a level every 10 days. I loved working with a PT before my wedding and after kids, but I’m on a stricter budget now.  This has to be the best £5 I have spent.

Plus I now have a great gang of people on Twitter to share achievements with. I’m feeling more positive than I have ever felt about finally getting fit again. I can feel muscles and definition returning, fat falling off, motivation coming back, I’m happier, I’m feeling assertive, watch out world. I think I might have actually found some exercise that fits in my life, and that I like. I’m enjoying Twitter again too.

Meet the Shreddies! I know they will kick my backside if I fall off the wagon,it is only day 4 after all.



@fivegoblogging  http://fivegoblogging.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-shreddies.html

@MelkShamMum  http://melkshammum.blogspot.co.uk/

@WritingForFun  http://munchiesandmunchkins.com/

@StressyMummy  http://www.stressymummy.com/

@LakesSingleMum http://beckywilloughby.blogspot.co.uk/

@from_fun_to_mum http://www.fromfuntomum.com/

@Aresidence http://aresidence.co.uk/

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