Halloween Story Writing

Girl's Halloween Costume with light up LED panel and wings, ASDA. Foam mask kit, Baker Ross. Effects, Pic Monkey.

My kids have got really into Halloween this year, fuelled by their love of Scooby Doo. We settled down with pens and paper and started to draw, as they drew I asked questions, scribbled down what they said and before long we had a story. 

Once upon a time on a dark, windy night there was a witch who lived in a haunted house, on a haunted hill. No one ever goes there because, when the door opens it is a witch, and she turns you to stone. This is what she did to my Daddy.

She makes the whole kingdom sad, she has taken over and she makes everyone do what she says and buy only her stinking cabbages to eat. They look nice but they are poisonous. Sometimes the witch has money poking out of her pockets and the children steal them.

Now there are only five people left in the kingdom and the others have been turned to stone. The cabbages are turning people to stone. The five people left are Scooby Doo, Daphne, Fred, Velma and Shaggy.

They went to solve the mystery but the witch chased after them. Daphne got caught, The witch put a spell on Daphne and turned her to stone. The others had to free Daphne, they put water on the statue and she got free.

But then the witch came after them again. They put her back in her spell book, Fred squashed her in tight. She screamed ‘Eeeeeeek’ and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

By L, with some help from G.

Asda sent L the costume, some face paint and drawing materials and have offered to make all the children’s stories into a book. It’s also a competition, so if you liked the story she would love you to comment.

24 thoughts on “Halloween Story Writing

  1. Very cute – makes me want to go back to when the boys were small, perhaps have some more (kids!)…..and then I wake up and shake my head and all is as it should be, them not living at home, just me and my wife and 5 kilos of candy ready for October 31st and a million of somebody else’s kids.
    I never liked kids until I met my wife (of 28+ years); our kids were of course adorable, and other people’s kids sucked. But if you can keep a secret, like in “don’t tell anybody”, now I actually like those other little ones – seriously. They are so cute and full of energy as they beg for treats – and now I wonder if 5 kilos is enough; better go to the store this morning… HAPPY HALLOWEEN
    More about MY Halloweeners on LIFE AS IT REALLY IS or Peter B. Steiness
    PS. I really hope this is okay, as I do NOT want to be unethical.
    Cheers, Peter
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  2. Miss L I thought your story was fantastic and that you are going to be a fab writer just like Mummy….and I’m Glad Mr G helped (a bit!)

  3. Oh Miss L! What a scary story and what a mean witch. You have a clever imagination. Hooray for scooby doo and his friends.
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  4. At last! Proof that cabbages are poisonous and evil. Thank you for clearing that up.
    What a great story, I love the picture of the witch.

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