Have you forgotten what you love about Soreen?

Paws off, it's mine

I asked people on facebook and Twitter. and in real life, how they liked their Soreen. We’ve been testing lunchbox loaves and Soreen Toastie loaf.

I had to explain malt loaf to Transatlanctic Blonde, who’s from Cincinnati ‘Do you get malted milk in the US? Malt bread is mixed with malt so it’s sweet and squidgy and dark’ was my best attempt, but in no way does the concept justice. But it was enough to prompt DownsSideUp‘s Hayley to go out and buy some there and then.

Amanda likes her toastie loaf with Banana, for breakfast   Annie likes Soreen with jam. I like it with Cheshire cheese but I think I might be in the minority there.

Dave likes it pre-sliced with marg, until Jen suggested butter, definitely better with butter. Tina thinks so too, lashings of it. My friend Jon form Guernsey says it has to be Guernsey butter. Sarah added tea, and I think she’s right, toastie loaf with butter and tea on a cold day is heaven.

Pretty traditional it seems. Although, not afraid to be creative, my friend Andy said he likes Soreen with Luke, it brings back good childhood memories. It always takes me back to my Gran’s bread bin. Andy also threatened to make Soreen burgers. At which point Sarah suggested Soreen trifle. I’d like to add Soreen Toastie loaf bread and butter pudding to the mix.

Kerry and Janine like light and packaged lunchbox loaves in their bags for child food emergencies. Dave likes one in his anorak pocket when he’s out walking.

So, how so you like your Soreen? Have you forgotten what you love? Have you tried the Toastie loaf yet, it’s like Soreen but it’s toastable. Did you know Soreen has new flavours?

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