Top 5 Women’s Parkas at Zalando

It’s cold, I’m fed up of shivering on the school run because of bad coat choices. Online retailer Zalando have over 300 Parkas to choose from, so I set myself the challenge of finding the perfect parka, under £100, without leaving the house. Having so much choice meant I did it easily, in under half an hour.  I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Parkas never go out of fashion.  I have wanted one since the eighties, I thought they were so cool, probably because my headteacher at primary school told us they were dangerous, because they stopped you seeing both ways to cross the road. Then I wanted one of those army style parkas with German flags on as a teenager, my best friend had one, all the boys I fancied had them, they were the indie kid’s uniform.

Anyway, time have changed, best 5 parkas for the school run. Can I be a parent, be me, be cool, be a rebel and still be warm?

1 – Oasis £88.  Love the removable leopard print fur gilet. Stylish, grown up parka, yet practical. 2 Twin Tip Parka Oliv £90 love the rope belt, nice twist, and the huge hood.

3 Lipsy Parka £75.  Cheeky number, a theatrical twist on the Parka, with lovely stitching, ribbon and a bow, best seen from behind.

4 Only Fanty Parka, £60.  Love the way the hood goes all the way round and flattens down, I think my old headteacher would approve. Good value.

Number 5 – Twin Tip £90.  This is the one I went for, a waterproof, weather proof ski jacket parka with seriously old skool fur on the hood. It’s a great fit, really snug right down to it’s clever cuffs and still has a cool edge and the back is longer than the front which makes it a proper parka in my book. I’ve needed a proper outdoor coat for a while, I’m ready for the park, forest, school run, snow, sleet, hills, mountains and slopes. If none of these take your fancy, check out the thousands of other coats and women’s clothing at Zalando. Delivery was quick, under the 3-5 days advertised and returns are free.  The range is unbelievable, there are lots of designers to choose from and some great bargains.

Disclosure – Zalando gave me a voucher to spend.

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