The difference a dippy egg makes


I can’t believe how tired year one makes Miss L. The differences are huge. She’s excited to be there, overflowing with enthusiasm at the start of each day. There’s no clinging to me this year, she’s very at home, at school. Once she’s seen her friends I am quickly forgotten.

Her teacher says she is headstrong, covers the floor in paper daily, tells him straight when she doesn’t want to do a task. A bundle of creative confidence.

Therein lies the battle, the adjustment to doing more of these ‘tasks’. ‘We don’t play any more!’ she complains.

At the end of each day she flings her book bag at me and unravels. Some days it feels like school steals the best bits and leaves me with an overtired, emotional bundle to untangle.

Add to that mix learning to negotiate who plays whose games in the playground and home time can be a miserable mess. But let her grump, give her a snack, a hug and a drink and she’s my daughter again. Bouncing off the walls, smily.

Last week all it took to get her back was a dippy egg. Lots of facebook friends reminded me that dippy eggs have the same comfort factor whatever your age. Which makes me think the important thing here is to give her the tools to ride life’s storms…

What do you do to see off a bad day?

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