Christmas is easy now I…drink Whisky GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Excuse the title. Regular readers will know last week I discovered Christmas is easy now I think like a bloke, so when Whyte and Mackay offered me some Whisky for me, and my readers I said ‘Yes, please!’ and I have a bottle of Whyte and Mackay to giveaway to one lucky reader.

I love anything that sneaks through the facade, to the behind the scenes reality of Christmas, so I was intrigued to read more about Whyte and Mackay’s research into true Christmas spirit. After surveying 2000 people, it seems the most upheld Christmas tradition is family disagreements. 46% of those questioned said that quarrelling with their partner’s parents had come to be expected, have a look and see what you recognise from this list:

· Christmas dinner preparations (25%). The most common complaint is when mum-in-laws unfavourably compare the way dinner is served to the ‘proper way’ (i.e. her way).

· Cruel present choices (24%). The majority felt that parent-in-laws purposefully bought presents for them that they wouldn’t like, from terrible Christmas jumpers to regifting items already in their cupboards.

· Fighting over board games (15%). The most frenetic choice is the team game of charades with 34% of those who have fought with their parent-in-laws coming to blows. Monopoly is the board game that seems to cause the least amount of stress (2%).

· Arguments over TV (15%). Oddly, the Queen’s Speech is the source of most squabbles (25%), closely followed by soaps (23%)

· Where Christmas is held (8%). Determining who will be travelling to whom during the festive period is a hot topic with 76% of those for which it’s an issue believing that their parent-in-laws exert pressure on their children to enjoy Christmas with them in their old family home.

Board games get really ugly in our house. Mr A loves strategy and I love word games, another recipe for disaster. Mr A is also a tyrant, which leads me to cheat.

The giveaway

The WINNER was comment number 123 Congratulations Julie!

To be in with a chance of winning a bottle of whisky comment and tell me what causes the most ‘spirit’ in your household at Christmas?

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140 thoughts on “Christmas is easy now I…drink Whisky GIVEAWAY CLOSED

  1. I’m going to grill a chicken this Christmas……And ask him why he crossed the road.
    Yes, you’ve guessed…..It’s Christmas crackers that cause the xmas spirit in our house. Christmas Day wouldn’t be the same without a good groan.

  2. first snow always makes me feel festive BUT my favourite thing over christmas is turning on the lights, its something so small but it really brings christmas to home. Slice of chocolate log and some homemade mulled wine does wonders for the christmas spirit.

  3. We have our first full Christmas meal on Christmas Eve by candlelight – we carry the dining table into the lounge, put on the tree lights, put on our favourite Christmas CD and that really puts us into the Christmas spirit. (Have subscribed by e-mail).

  4. Christmas will be quite lonely this year no wife no kids something i will have to adapt to but i still love the spirit of christmas at 52 yrs of age , and would be nice to toast the chistmas spirit and new year with the whiskey in this draw but wish all good luck im sure it will find its way to a lucky person who envelops christmas as i do Happy Christmas all

  5. Liked on facebook
    Followed on Twitter @leepreston79
    Tweeted too.

    Having the family all go to mum and dads house, having a few drinks and then having a belly buster of a turkey dinner is when the christmas spirit kicks in. The place becomes a mad house full of family. A drop or two of Whisky would be a good thing :-)

  6. love everything about christmas, decorating,preparing, shopping for presents, getting stampled to deaath in the supermarket doing the christmas food shop opening presents cooking he chrissie dinner than having all the family over on boxing day for a good booze up and good nosh up,,laughs and of course the odd glass of spirit to end the festivities magical

  7. The Christmas Spirit will be mellow this year – just me and hubby having a quiet day to ourselves, a walk on the beach followed by a Christmas drink in the local and then home to a laid back Christmas dinner for 2 and then a bit of slumping in front of the TV and eating chocolates and nuts – perfect. We will have visited the inlaws earlier in the week. Christmas is easy now we’ve moved from one end of Cornwall to the other lol! (on Boxing Day we will have son, his girlfriend and very boisterous puppy arriving to stay!)

  8. Subscribed, liked on FB & followed on twitter @jaknconsmum, I would have to say for me its the excitement on my youngest’s face when he leaves the cookies, milk water & carrots out on christmas eve, then wakes up bright & early to check & see if they have been eaten so he know’s if santa has been, the look on his face is priceless & even though its usually the middle of the night you cant help but get that warm fuzzy feeling inside :-) x Merry Christmas all xx

  9. Definitely the board game issue – games that only get brought out once a year with difficult or confusing rules (or interpretations of those rules!) can can get the “spirit” going here!

  10. If we get through Christmas and New Year without an emergency that’s us full of Christmas Spirit. One year we had no toilet and food poisoning, one year bathroom flooded with a leak, last year the boiler stopped gifting us with hot water!

  11. I think like a lot of people that the spirit of Christmas is made by having the children. Now mine are getting older the magic is not the same but once the grandchildrn start appearing this will be back in abundance.

  12. My mum causes the most spirit at Christmas because she’s always having one too many sherries whilst making the dinner! (have subscribed via email)

  13. When we decorate the tree & the kids open there first day of advent calenders on the 1st December it gets exciting then. The countdown gets us all into the Christmas spirit x

  14. when my brother comes round and helps us put up the ceiling decorations – even though we’re all grown ups now, putting stuff up together gets us sharing the Christmas spirit

  15. When everything is done and we are sitting together enjoying the peace and setting out the rum and mince pies for Santa, all the presents piled under the tree is when my festive spirit really begins.

  16. Normally it is deciding when to wake our Daughter up, as my husband and I are both big kids and wake up VERY early on Christmas Day!

  17. Our Christmas spirits come in the form of vodka, whiskey and Cointreau.

    Of course without family to share these with it would not be the same, ho ho ho.

  18. ‘Spirit’ comes from wondering wnat the day will bring..anticipation (of hopefully) good things and better than last year.

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