Give the gift of experience

Today I picked up a lovely flyer in which Nottinghamshire NHS suggested 5 ways to health and wellbeing: ’Be Active’, ‘Take Notice’, ‘Keep Learning’, ‘Give’ and ‘Connect’. It really made me smile to see the NHS giving out such lovely down to earth, yet often overlooked advice. At this time of year it is easy to get tangled up in wrapping paper and expensive gifts and forget what really makes us happy.

It reminded me giving people experiences for Christmas can be a fabulous way to do all those things the flyer mentioned. The older I get the more I value experiences over stuff. I really enjoyed picking up my crochet hook again at the weekend, buying some new wool and cracking something new. My Dad was full of the joys of a breadmaking course last week and my brother and sister in law seemed to really enjoy the cookery course I bought them a few years back.

Making your own vouchers can be fun and thrifty. I made a babysitting and breakfast in bed voucher for my brother’s birthday present, inspired by the voucher my Dad made me and Mr A for babysitting and dinner out voucher which we appreciated beyond belief.

Or you can choose from a vast array of activity voichers. Cookery, wine tasting, fashion photo shoot, manicure, pedicure… tours of vinyards, football clubs, breweries…the London eye, motor sport, F1 experiences  scuba, skiing, paint balling or comedy, family portrait or toddler footprints, there really is something for everyone.

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