Never get locked out again Yale Giveaway CLOSED

Some of the most important doors in my life have had Yale locks, my parents, mine. There’s something that says home and safe to me about Yale. But if like me, you are prone to losing your keys and staring blankly at the lock, I have just the giveaway for you.

When I was a new mum I locked myself out so much I had a spare set in my changing bag and with my neighbour. I’m better at remembering them now, but still far from perfect. Which is why I am loving the idea of digital security with a Yale keyless digital lock (RRP 129.99) .

Yale Keyless Digital Lock lets you unlock your front door by entering a simple code. No keys, no hassle, no fuss ? Just keep a PIN number in your head. You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when you want to, and delete that code just as easily.

CLOSED  -Congratulations Fay (random number generated was number 29)

To enter to win one of these Yale electronic door locks just leave a comment telling me how a Yale Keyless Digital Lock could improve your life and please subscribe to the Alexander Residence by reader, or by email.

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  • Four entries maximum per person
  • Entrants need to use a separate comment for each entry
  • The winners will be selected at random.
  • The prizes will be supplied on behalf of Yale, not by Alexander Residence, and are non refundable and non exchangeable.
  • Closing date Midday Friday 21st December 2012
  • Winner will be notified by email and have 7 days to respond, after which time a redraw will take place
  • UK entries only

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95 thoughts on “Never get locked out again Yale Giveaway CLOSED

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  2. Liked on FB and RT on Twitter @soggykipper I sometimes have senior moments and wave my car fob at the house door in the hope that it will unlock the door…it will come :)

  3. - would be nice not to keep pinching my fingers in the gap between the inappropriately fitted yale and the door surround. Also be rather nice not getting locked out again at night & having to throw stones at someone’s window to get them to let me in…..I”m sure I’d find some other dork-ish way to screw it up though, given time.

  4. Last week I came home for lunch but couldn’t get in the front door as I’d tried the wrong key! Went round the back only to find that my partner had left the keys in the lock they other side so couldn’t get in that way either. No lunch that day. A keyless lock would have been simple.
    I have subscribed by e-mail.

  5. It would save the day when I lock myself out my flat! Annoyingly I can always hear my cat mewing on the other side of the door. If only I could train her to open windows and pass out my keys… Still, If I won this I wouldn’t have to!

  6. I have 2 children who loose their keys on a weekly basis, and twice I too have had to smash the front door glass to break in…thus my glass part is now boarded up and looks awful, I don’t want to spend any more money on glazing when you know it will be broken again. I have been wanting one of these locks for so long..

  7. I’ve subscribed by email. I would love one of these – my door is the kind that, if it blows shut, locks itself and locks me out. I usually have the patio door open for the pup, but it’s an enclosed back garden with no gate. The fence is 6ft, I’m 5 ft 4!

  8. I have two extremely hyperactive nephews and its a constant battle trying to remember where I put what!

    door and car keys are one of those things that when mislaid you spend so much time looking for them!

    IF I won this it would be a very great help

  9. It would improve my life because I wouldn’t be standing at my door in the dark, swearing at my bunch of keys as I search for the right one!


  10. it would save me having to come home early when my children lock themselves out after school because they all forget their keys

  11. I subscribe via email – robertfox24[at]aol[dot]com

    This is great because I have an extremely large handbag and I am forever losing my keys in it, so thi swould make it alot easier to get in the house without wasting loads of time looking for my keys!

  12. It would be a useful idea for children. Or when you go away on holiday and want someone to pop in and check the house. Or when you have workmen in and worry about giving them a set of keys.

  13. so much easier with hadfull of bags and the four kids to open a door with this lock, rather than rummaging for keys, followed , liked and tweeted

  14. This would help me because I close the door, lock it, and then run back to check it. This behaviour annoys the hell out of my long suffering wife as I double check it when she has locked it too.

  15. I walk around with my key dangling from my finger because as soon as I put it down somewhere, I will lose it. I’ve even had the door slam behind me before whilst putting out the rubbish (fortunately not barefoot but without a coat and it necessitated a jog down the road to a neighbour for the spare)! And most importantly, it would mean I would not have to get out of the bath to let the other half in when he forgets his key!

  16. would be a fantastic addition to my first house. trying to save as much money as possible but need a new door – this will certainly save on buying new locks… and buying new keyrings as well!

  17. What a great little prize.
    I’ve always thought that a keyring is a handy little gadget that allows you to lose your keys…..All at once.

  18. I have seen these yale locks and thought how fantastic they look….. so how would it change my life, well…. I am the most disorganised person in the world, I have lost three sets of house keys since moving in to our house in 2006.
    I am terrible for leaving the keys in the door after I open it and come inside. My neighbours are forever posting them back through my letter box!
    My keys always end up at the bottom of the bag (baby changing bag) and there is always something that jags me up the back of the finger nail (Ouch!)
    or the days where I cannot find them, backtrack my steps, and find them in my pocket!

    We had to use the back door for 4 months after I lost the only set of keys to the upvc front door. I found them in a handbag, (then hid them in the pocket of my husbands winter coat and blamed him!)

    This would change my life… and the sanity of my husband who is sick of hearing me say “I cant find the keys!”

  19. It would make getting in the house from work so much quicker – with cold weather, a wriggly toddler, a heavy pushchair & bags of shopping, a key is just something that gets lost in my handbag & slows me down!

  20. My door lock has just about had it – it has become human – sometimes it lets me in – sometimes it doesnt! – i neeeed a newww one!

  21. What a great idea! My mum has recently had a severe stroke and now requires carers four times a day. This would make it so much simpler! I love the fact that the pass code can be changed too.

  22. A lock like this would be fantastic. Too many times walking the dogs have I ended up being yanked about by them and found back at home I’ve lost my keys from my pocket!

    Just last Christmas Eve I found myself paying a locksmith £150 to slip a piece of butcher paper into the door lock and let me in the house.

    I honestly didn’t think these kind of locks would be available for households. It would save me money I don’t have to spend on locksmiths and multiple key copies!

    Love the blog btw! Merry Christmas!

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