Meeting Father Christmas

Mr G and I were kindly invited down to London for a Christmas party with Littlewoods last Friday. Mr G was terrified of Santa initially, and engaged with him by the medium of rolling snowballs in his general direction. He hid behind a pillar, watching the other kids go for it and get presents. Eventually he plucked up the courage and went for it.

He’s been inseparable from his Toy Story Woody ever since, so pleased to have his own, rather than fighting over Miss L’s. Although we went to see Two Little Boys at the theatre in Nottingham, so he’s often now found with his two little (cow) boys.

Mr G and Miss A from The Ana Mum Diary were so excited when an elf popped out of the lift and welcomed them, and they loved the snow and snowballs. The mulled wine and cheese board set the tone for Christmas for me, and it was fun to dip into the hustle, bustle, sparkly lights and dazzling Christmas shop fronts on Regent Street.

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