Back to School

Back in September I was debating whether to go back to teaching after Mr G starts school. Well last month I went back into a secondary school for the first time in years. Only this time instead of teaching, I was producing and presenting a short film for the publishers I do some freelance education consultancy for.

It was great fun, I did an intro and outro, interviewed teachers and led a focus group with the students who blew me away with their ideas, technical savvy and confidence. I really enjoyed working with a cameraman, a good friend Andy from Brand New Bad Idea. Andy’s used to people clamming up when you shove a camera in their direction, but teachers and young people are naturals, he was amazed at how quickly we managed to capture everything without any pep talks.

By lunchtime we were well and truly shattered, we couldn’t believe the speed at which everything had happened, or how much we had crammed into a few hours. Schools move pretty fast. Teachers are renowned for having more interactions per minute than any other profession. You’re on show constantly, with a roomful of unpredictable beings. The pace is incredible.

Since I last wrote a jobs update I’ve been really enjoying the variety of my freelance life, the pottering, organising and writing at home. On the flipside I’ve loved the human interaction of working as part of a team on small projects on a regular, but part time basis. I loved the energy working with young people gave me, and I think film directing must be a fantastic job, I wish I had dabbled in directing more at Uni.

I’ll continue to make videos though, Netmums recruited me this month to vlog my answers to the question How do you make a child laugh? I’m enjoying writing daily too, I  even managed to meet the deadline to enter my children’s bedtime story into the Mumsnet competition.

So where’s my head this month? Definitely not in going back to the classroom full time, or even as a teacher. Much more with writing and organising, but enjoying being a part time team member.

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