Last minute holidays

Why does it always rain when I go to the hairdressers? I stepped out this morning with my neatly tongued curls, it wasn’t quite the Florence Welch do I had planned, but I was very happy with my locks.

Outside was still damp dark morning, as I passed the travel agent I watched a little girl inside the window, she was sat on a bucket chair, swinging her legs, bundled up in a duffle coat, scarf and hat, while waiting for her parents to finish booking a holiday. She was sat next to a poster of a beautiful beach, with a little girl playing in the sand. The cruel juxtaposition made me laugh out loud.

The pictures in the window made me long so much to be somewhere hot, somewhere where the sun shines all day and there’s actual daylight outside of that bit when I am required to be at my desk working. I’m excited about Christmas, but one year I would just like to leave it all behind for somewhere hot and exotic.

I read an article yesterday saying a half of British workers in the UK only see sunlight if they bother to leave work over their lunchbreak and a whopping 2/3rds of respondents to the survey said they stay in most the weekend too.

So we are a sun starved nation. All can think about now is getting away in the sun and holiday hunting over the break.

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