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How cool would it be to have a wall in your house that took you somewhere completely different? contacted me to share their amazing wall art and wallpaper and I am hooked on the idea. I love the idea of turning a whole wall into something, or somewhere else. 

Now we are staying put once more in our current ‘Alexander Residence’, my thoughts have turned to feathering our nest again and so I thought I would share some of that journey and some creative ideas here on my blog. Graffiti could be really cool, unless of course, your child is a budding Banksy and already possesses the skills to do this themselves:

Oh popsi have 1000s of images, from vintage floral patterns to epic cityscapes.  You can also upload and experiment with your own images. How amazing would it be to have one of your own photographs turned into wallpaper, or to have a wall that takes you back to an important event or a favourite place? I have always fancied a map of the local area in the hallway, like estate agents often have, it would be so handy.

I chose six images from the range to reflect my family’s interests and rooms.

I would love the pop art in my office, whereas Mr A would love space. The map is for pirate loving Mr G, but also perhaps for Mr A who has lots of framed old maps, I think it is an image Mr G could play and grow up with, rather than anything too cartoony. Klimt’s The Kiss because he is a favourite artist and would look nice in our bedroom.The owl because Miss L loves nature and the colours match her room which overlooks the garden.

What about that path through the wheat field? I’m not sure where it would go in our house, but in my mind it reminds me of lyric in a Paul Weller song I love, and of one of my favourite walks in Nottingham. I love the idea of it leading me away from the mad house. wall art is scaled to fit your space, comes pre-pasted and is water activated so you don’t need special skills to hang it, papers start at £29.95 a square metre.

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