Guest Post: Getting fit is a game

Getting fit can be hard to do, especially after Christmas when you find that your finances are a little threadbare after the seasonal binge. At the same time, you may notice that you’ve put on weight and that you need to shed it as soon as possible so you can fit into your clothes again. Joining a gym may be the first thing on your mind, but the monotony of using the same machines every day and the expense may put you off.

Fortunately, there are cheaper and more exciting ways to get fit. Fitness videos and DVDs have been popular for a number of years, with trends such as “gamercise” growing considerably over the last few years. Consoles such as the Xbox and Nintendo Wii have released games designed to help people keep fit in a fun way from the comfort of their own homes, something which more and more people are doing not only to keep fit, but as a pass time activity which can be enjoyed with the younger members of the family too.

Wii Fit is the most popular title in the “gamercise” genre, and no wonder. Players can perform aerobics, jog and do almost anything else with the aid of additional equipment such as a special controller and games mat. Alternatively, you can keep fit by playing dancing games like Just Dance, where you can groove along to your favourite songs as well as ones you may not enjoy so much.

When exercising with computer games, you won’t need quite as much equipment as you would when going outside for a run or if you’re visiting your local gym. Clothing such as sports bras from figleaves are essential to help you exercise comfortably and get the right amount of support, while you’ll undoubtedly need the right console and controllers, if you have not already got one.

Once you have all that, you’re ready to get in shape the fun way!
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