Guilty Pleasures – Daytime TV

I have a guest post that made me chuckle today, and look forward to September and Mr G starting school, when I dream of being able to take 30 mins to myself in the day every now and again…

Most modern Mums don’t really have time to watch TV (despite what our partners and the media sometimes think).

If you run a household of little, and not so little, people you quickly realize that working a 9-5 is easy in comparison to juggling the other responsibilities that a household typically has. Add to this any attempt you may have to run your own business or complete some freelance work and you quickly notice that you really don’t have any time to yourself at all.

But, like many mums up and down the country, on the few occasions when we do have time to ourselves, is there anything better than an illicit daytime TV viewing session?

Research published in 2009 by face mask company Montagne Jeunesse claimed that the UK’s most popular guilty pleasure is watching daytime TV alongside reality shows like Big Brother. No doubt new Saturday night TV concept Splash, complete with skimpy bathing costumes, tight trunks and celebrities making fools of themselves is up there too!

So us Mums are not alone in our love of daytime TV. Whether watching the celebrities and guests on the This Morning sofa (a sofa which can be found on the DFS sofas website) to that illicit episode of Columbo or a repeat of Lovejoy in the late afternoon, it makes you feel pretty good knowing that you are taking a brief time-out when the rest of the world is working.

As mums we work hard all day, so we shouldn’t feel too guilty about watching the odd TV show should we? Obviously if you find yourself watching TV for the equivalent of the entire school day you may need to rethink your attitude to daytime TV viewing. There’s other stuff to be getting on with!

If you find yourself dashing away from the school gates each morning because you don’t want to miss Jeremy Kyle, or you cancel catching up with your friends for lunch because it clashes with Neighbours; it’s time for you to think about immediate action.

You don’t need to stop watching the shows you love though; just think about maybe rationing the ones you do watch every day. You can always add the rest to your TV planner so you can catch up in the evening when the kids are in bed.

The best thing about that is: you can watch daytime TV in the evening too.

What’s your TV guilty pleasure, and when do you sneak it in?

Commisioned guest post

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