#TheGallery Noses – #GoodWork

The theme at Tara’s Gallery this week is noses. I’ve been missing The Gallery and when I sniffed this theme out, I had to join in. Thanks so much to Tara for supporting the #goodwork we have been sharing for Comic Relief.

I present the women at the Virtuous Women’s bakery, a project that enables women to bake and sell bread while their children are looked after in the nursery. The lady in the middle kept saying ‘Thank you’ over and over again, this is a project that changes women’s lives, by giving them financial independence.

I was lucky enough to hear Tara talk at a UNICEF blogging event about her travels and sat there in awe, Tara I am going to scribble furiously on the way home and try and capture all the details as you said.

I can’t quite believe when this goes live I will have just landed from Ghana and from celebrating the good work of Comic Relief over the last 25 years.I look forward to seeing everyone else’s noses when I get back! x

Have a nosy at the teamhonk.org site too, there’s a blog hop full of our postcards from Ghana.

8 thoughts on “#TheGallery Noses – #GoodWork

  1. So pleased you had such an amazing experience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone got the opportunity to experience such things? It really changed me and the way I see the world and the way I blog.
    Welcome home my lovely. You did great x

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