A day of special deliveries.

I wrote a Lovebombing post a few weeks ago about the idea of Lovebombing, a book I read about by Oliver James which champions the idea of resetting a child’s emotional thermostat by spending time together where they decide what you do.

I actually still need to read the book, but I find myself adopting the concept. With Miss L school can make our bond feel a little disjointed so holidays are a time to recharge. We also received a surprise package which made our second day of ‘lovebombing’ even more successful.

Yesterday Mr G was at nursery.  Miss L has had the list of things we would do written out since the start of the week. It included finding her goggles, going swimming, eating a pack lunch, buying sweets, watching a film and doing some sticking together. I had a conference call at 10am, but she suggested she made the packed lunch while I was working.

I was woken by the doorbell, peeked through the curtains and saw Mr A  accepting something from a Parcelforce courier. Miss L came running upstairs with a big box. ‘It’s for you, can we open it?!’

What a brilliant start to the day. It was a huge box of craft materials to try out from Baker Ross, which we will be reviewing shortly. So we had a morning of sticking, painting, decorating hearts and stars with stick on buttons and moulding clay. Miss L was in her element, and so was I. During my call she brought me creation after creation to my desk.

The rest of the day unfolded beautifully, we swam, we ate our packed lunch. which she had done a fab job of, we watched a film and we bought sweeties on the way to pick up Mr G. In the swimming pool, as we watched a baby and his mum, she asked me so many poignant questions about where babies come from, about herself as a baby, why I decided to have two babies, whether a baby was more responsibility than a 6 year old.

Answering all those questions gave me a little glimpse into the future of our mother daughter relationship, and made me realise how many new responsibilities come with looking after a six year old. I felt like I made a little shift forwards right then in my parenting. Although she was lying in my arms in the pool, cooing and pretending to be a baby, I didn’t feel regrets for times gone by, I let them float off. I felt excited about growing up together and all the questions and discoveries to come.

A day of very special deliveries, in more ways than one.

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