Hot date at Chiquitos


Mr A and I were invited to have a date night at Chiquitos.

Before you ask where the glamourous outfits and pictures of us are, I had just returned, utterly shattered, from Ghana, to an inevitable and exhausting mix of excitement and resentment from my kids. No-one cared where I had been, just that I was back, this was about fleeing the house to be together in peace, while they were safely tucked up in bed and Mr A’s mum was around to babysit.

Food was great and plentiful, our £50 voucher bought 2 mocktails, a sharing platter for starters, a burger for Mr A and a burrito for me for mains, followed by a chocolate brownie to share for pud.

When we were ‘courting’ we had a thing for giant plates of nachos and pub sharing platters, that shared experience thing. So it was for that reason I confess we ordered a sharing platter meant for 4 people, just for starters. The paper bag above is the doggy bag we took home from Mr A’s mum.

Greedy I know, but faced with chilli poppers, cheesy jackets, corn on the cob, nachos and Mr A’s fave chicken wings, who could opt for just one. I would love to see a sharing platter for two please Chiquitos!

Mr A really liked his mighty Mexican burger and I found room for my Burrito. I hate choosing Mexican as I love all the options so much. Quesadilla and Fajitas nearly won me over.

The burrito beans and sauce were yummy, but I could have done without the double dose of carbs in the form of rice and tortilla, but do bear in mind I was already stuffed by this point.

The mocktails were refreshing and Mr A somehow found room for a brownie. He saved me the last spoonful. That’s love that is. Perfect end to a lovely night.

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