Wardrobe basics every woman should own

Alexander Residence has a resident stylist. Thank you to Amy Rutter for this no messing guest post in association with Simon Jersey, which lists 8 wardrobe must haves. Do you have any to add? I can’t live without  a long cardi….

There are some items which should be a permanent fixture in every wardrobe, through any season, come rain or shine. These are the staple garments which you’ll always need. They’ll get you out of trouble and are so versatile that they can be teamed with a number of different items to create numerous outfits.


What else would we start with? A classic little black dress is a fail-safe option for so many occasions. Anything slightly formal? The LBD will be your best friend. You can brighten it up with a jacket, shoes and accessories if need be

White blouse

A white blouse can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up to match office wear. A perfectly versatile work blouse can see you through both the working day and a social evening afterwards.


Not just any jeans, a good fitting pair of jeans. This is one piece of clothing that I really think is worth paying some decent money for to get a good fit. Jeans are a staple part of anyone’s wardrobe and you wear them so often that you should feel happy and comfortable in them. Once you find a pair that fit you well, stock up and stick with them!

Black pumps

A pair of black pumps will complement any outfit, smart or casual. They’re so comfortable that you won’t even notice you’re wearing them, and they’re so light that they can be popped in your handbag for any last minute outfit changes.


What girl doesn’t need a sexy pair of heels? They can lengthen your legs if you need a bit of extra height and glam up your look.

A blazer

A fitted blazer adds an immediate sense of style and sophistication to anything it’s teamed with, while an oversized blazer can give an edgy feel to an outfit.

A convertible strapless bra

A seamless bra with convertible straps can be worn underneath a strapless top or a halter neck for an effortlessly smooth look.

Bridget Jones pants

Not essential if you’re very slim and toned, but for anyone who has a little more around their midriff than they’d like, this will help to smooth you out for a fitted dress or skinny outfit. They’re not the most comfortable of items but could be a last minute lifesaver!

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