Learning about feelings with HABA

The German toy brand HABA are celebrating their 75th anniversary. I fell in love with German wooden toys as a teenager curiously enough. I used to visit Munich every Summer to visit a family friend, and bought a tiny wooden dog on wheels, from a book by the German author Janosch, that I used to wear on a necklace.

Even though I was a teenager, there was something beautiful and appealing about the German toys I saw, they were so unlike children’s playthings I had seen in the UK. Nowadays HABA is widely available in the UK, they launched a full range via a UK website in 2009.

When my daughter was born I bought her first HABA toy, a little clip on wooden mouse with beaded arms and legs, it was a special moment and now we keep it in her memory box.

To mark their 75th anniversary HABA sent me some products to review. We loved Come with Us, a clever book about learning about feelings, that is much more complex than its board book format suggests, and perfect for Mr G right now..

image  Apparently, at age 4 boys get a hit of testosterone bigger than they do at puberty. Mr G keeps losing his temper, afterwards he tells me this is because ’my body is cross’, then he gives me a huge hug and plants about a hundred sloppy kisses on my cheek. So talking about feelings is something I am trying to focus on.

Come with Us has a little wooden magnetic mouse which, as you read the book, you are prompted to stick to the bear in the picture feeling a particular emotion. Although it is a board book, the text is comparable to a pre school picture book in length, so aimed more at older toddlers and pre-schoolers than babies, Mr G really likes the concept.

It definitely held his attention long enough to get us talking about emotions. The other characters in the book display lots of emotions to talk about to, and Mr G and I talked about why the characters might be feeling that way, and what they might do to feel better about things.

More on what HABA has to offer tomorrow, something to get my two playing together, that fits neatly in ruck sack or bag.

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