Cars I have loved.

When I was little we had a Renault 5…

How many years have you been driving? asks Mr A, busy trying to sort out our car insurance.

‘Er how old am I again?’ I have to ask these days as I realised I was telling people I was a year older than I am earlier this year. ’35. Right, so 17…nearly 18 years.’

Mr A carries on working out how much the insurance will cost on the new car he has his eye on and I start thinking back over the cars I have loved and driven. I wrote a post a while back about seeing a Mini Metro like my mum drove, it is funny how many memories cars evoke when you see them.

Nissan Micra

There was a blue Nissan Micra I learnt to drive in. People really should take more photos of themselves and their cars. After my brother crashed it mum and Dad got another one, but purple like this one.

Mr A’s Volvo

It drove Mr A up and down from London to Macclesfield for a year and then drove my bedroom full of stuff from to my halls in London, then to my new life in Brighton. It chugged over the downs and retired by the sea, at which point we invested in our first car together.

Nissan 100NX.

I loved this car, mainly because it had a T bar roof, great fun. I drove it up and down the M23 to my first teaching job. I used to car share with 3 other male teachers, I don’t think they liked it so much as there wasn’t much leg room in the back. Miss L came home from hospital in it, and then it was fairly quickly replaced by something more practical and environmentally friendly.

Toyota Prius

We leased this, my first automatic. I loved that as a hybrid the Prius was quiet, you have to be really careful in supermarket car parks, it runs on battery at certain speeds so at 5mph no one can hear you coming. Lovely too when you are sat in traffic as it doesn’t chuck out fumes. The lease ran out and we’d invested in a caravan so we leased an…

Audi A4 estate

I can say it now it is gone. I wasn’t a fan of this car. It made me feel middle aged and boring. More importantly it wasted silly amounts of lease money. All because I insisted we get something that was as green as the Prius but also able to pull the caravan.

The lease finally ended, the car has gone. And now we have no car until Mr a finds the next one. It has been an interesting month.

‘What colour will the new car be?’ asked Miss L.

‘It’s not about the colour.’ Laughed Mr A, ‘it’s about what it can do… the cost of car insurance…how much it costs’.

If I had my way it would be all about the colour, looking at this list of boring cars, I want a red one. I need to double check with my Dad, but I am pretty sure the car I came home from hospital in as a baby was a beetle. Like me, they’ve come a long way since 1977.

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