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Cyprus June 2009

Credit: Cyprus June 2009 by puritani35, on Flickr

Travel experts are suggesting there may be bargain holidays to be had in Cyprus this year, following its economic crisis and resulting drop in bookings, particularly from German tourists  Cyprus has never been as cheap as Greece or Turkey, but now could be a great time to visit and offer a boost to the tourism industry.

Cyprus has secluded bays as well as lively resorts like Ayia Nappa.  Cyprus is known for steady winds and calm seas, there are plenty of opportunities for water sports in perfect conditions: boat trips, water parks  fishing, windsurfing, sailing and snorkelling. Cycling is also an amazing way to see the island.

Clear, calm seas, by Caly Morson

Cyprus has a range of breathtaking cultural sites, including choirokoita, one of the best preserved sites of prehistoric settlement in the East Mediterranean  There are Roman villas with beautifully preserved floor mosaics depicting life in Roman times. Ten churches on the island are on the UNESCO world heritage list for their Byzantine art. Tombs of the Kings in Pafos is an awe inspiring Hellenistic and early Roman burial site.

Expect food that is fresh and local, made with herbs and spices. The food is Mediterranean and similar to Greece, but with a hint of the Middle East. Meze, plates of small helpings of local dishes are a popular way to experience Cypriot cuisine  The traditional preserved fruit glyko rounds off the meal.

Akrotiri Peninsula - Cyprus

Credit- Cyprus by Glen Bowman, on Flickr

The island is 240km by 100km, so hiring a car in Cyprus is a good way to see all the island has to offer. It may also be possible to combine your visit with a tour of neighbouring countries, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Greece or Eygpt.

Cyprus has around 10.5 hours of sun in the six summer months April to September, but even in January there are an average of 5 hours a day. To cool off head to the mountains of which there are two ranges, the Troodos Mountains and the Kyrenia Mountains.

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  1. Great Pics!!!! Cyprus is really a great travel destination. It’s not just blessed with beautiful, it’s also rich in history. I hope to get there in the future! Thanks for share…………

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