Pretty in Pink: Bloggers Race for Life in Nottingham


With the Race for Life only one sleep away, Annie aka Mammasaurus and I, sneak a gin to numb ourselves before bed. Next morning after a fuzzy awakening, much tea and an hour in make up, with a professional aka Miss L, and we’re good to go.

Cancer we’re coming to get you…


Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary and her daughter Miss N join us, as does Lucy from Lish Concepts. We carb load on tasty brioches from Brioche Pasquier, who sponsored our blogger team for the race for life.


This year I find the strength to actually write a dedication on my back. To Mum, Grandad and all those fighting and still to fight.

Running the race for life alongside so many others makes me feel like ‘together we are stronger‘. We are sending a really strong message out to cancer: ‘we’re coming to get you‘.


It’s an amazing feeling completing the race. The crowds lining up to cheer us on, the sheer number of people kicking cancer’s backside.

My mum lost her Dad suddenly and I never got to meet him. Nearly 35 years later I lost my mum, but gained two and a half years together, years we wouldn’t have had without treatment. Years that made a big difference.

More and more people are beating cancer.

The Race for Life makes a huge difference. Thanks to those who sponsored and it is never to late to sponsor. We’re at £634 and expecting another £250. Any help tipping over £900 would be wonderful.

Huge thank you to the Brioche Pasquier team for the tasty treats – my favourite is  the Lemon Curd Brioche - but more importantly thanks for the sponsorship!

13 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink: Bloggers Race for Life in Nottingham

  1. Well done ladies! And thank you for taking part, and raising such a great amount of sponsorship money! Cures ARE coming! Katie (The Event Organiser) xx

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