My journey home from Britmums: The Andy and Julian Commercial Break

Forgive me, I’m starting my reflections on Britmums Live blogging conference, where I met so many amazing women and bloggers, with a post about two men who don’t blog. Having also presented my thoughts on the decline of conventional advertising and the rise of the blog ambassador at said conference, please also forgive me handing that role over to two random blokes I met on the train.

But it has become tradition for me to meet some interesting characters on the way home from Britmums. Last year’s bizarre journey involved nail varnish remover, winning the lottery, the whole carriage and Merlot. This year’s tale is equally entertaining.

Julian and Andy had been out for some drinks in London. They apologised for sitting with me and proceeded to tell me about their family, friends and lives all the way home to Nottingham. Fortunately they were entertaining.  I thought admitting to being a blogger might kill the conversation, but they wanted to know all about it. Having been told at the You Tube session at Britmums, that collaborating is the way forward, I agreed to let them review my goody bag. I hope you like it HIT biscuits!

I shared the Fox’s Hazelnut half moon biscuits with my table companions and a family across the carriage. All of us really liked them, there were none left. They also make great smiles, horns, fangs but rubbish boomerangs.

Here’s what they had to say about Soda Stream:

Andy has been to Orlando and says it is ‘great’. Unfortunately the Plum Baby advert needs some refining so I can’t share it here, but it did have me in stitches.

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