Yankee Candle Happy Halloween: Is it just me or does this thing smoke bats?

I kind of have to tell you the story here, and hope it translates as well to the page.

I was at my friend Amanda’s house having coffee, she told me she had a Halloween candles from Yankee candle, in fact she had two. Amanda is a bit of a candle fan, she has a gorgeous home full of beautifully placed vintage vases, candle holders and scented candles. Really lovely, you can sneak a look at The Ana Mum Diary¬†blog if you want to see more. Actually she is an authority on candles.

So, I started to tell her about my Yankee Candle Happy Halloween candle. How it smelt like Black Jacks and black licorice. She was…a little jealous.

So I told her the smoke was different to your usual candle. Blacker, wispier, kind of spooky.

She was intrigued. She put her candles down and paid closer attention.

So I told her it was kind of like a cloud of little bats flying out of the wick.

This might have been the point at which my imagination went a little wild, the point at which my powers of description outweighed the truth. But it’s not just descriptive puff on my part, there is something very special about the smoke from the Yankee Candle Happy Halloween candle, it is a little creepy.

The best bit is she believed me. About the tiny bats. Just for a split second.

And then I must have smirked, and she hit me hard on the shoulder.

But look, I don’t think it is all my over-active imagination, you must be blind as a bat if you can’t see them.

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