Having fun and learning with magnets


Most people find magnets absolutely fascinating and the learning potential around them is huge, and needn’t be costly.

We have been really mesmerised by a foam magnetic tangram puzzle (£1.99) from first4magnets.com. Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles. The beauty of the tangram is that from just seven pieces you can make hundreds of different shapes and figures, the potential for discovering new ones makes tangrams highly addictive.


Having the pieces magnetised makes it easier to keep track of them and they are a simple distraction, perfect for the fridge. They are great for encouraging maths and logic as well as imagination!

We have also been loving these flexible magnetic chalkboard sheets (£3.49). They are great for practising writing on, encouraging all the family to leave notes, or for shopping lists.


They are also a great way of turning a filing cabinet, fridge or washing machine into a black board. They also make a good mobile base for the tangrams. They wipe clean easily with a damp cloth ready to use again and again.

While we were browsing the first4magnets.com website we found some useful resources about magnetism, older children can check out the ultimate guide to magnets for children 8-16 which has activities to download.  There is also an infographic about the history of magnets and this very attractive and fun video guide:

Do your children like to play with magnets?

Post in collaboration with first4magnets.com.

2 thoughts on “Having fun and learning with magnets

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